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What Is Domain Name Registration

A domain name is a way to identify and locate computers connected to the Internet. No two organizations can have the same domain name. A domain name always contains two or more components separated by periods, called "dots". Register your domain to distinguish yourself and promote your business.

Here is the few reasons of why you get Domain name:

You would like a domain to reflect your personality.

You want to keep up with current market trend

Because your competitors have one.

You want your customers sitting in USA to get a feel of your Business.

You want to give better service to your customers.

Your company has registered trademark or brand names.

You want to give complete information of the company.

Some of the common top level domain names with their significance are:

COM is for commercial, for-profit people and organizations.

EDU is for 4-year, degree granting colleges/universities. (schools, libraries, and museums should register under country domains)

GOV is for United States federal government agencies. (state and local governments register should register under country domains)

NET is for network infrastructure machines and organizations.

ORG is for miscellaneous, usually non-profit, organizations. (For use by organizations and individuals that do not clearly fit in any of the above)

Important things in Domain Name

Details of the person / company for whom domain is registered.

Administrative Contact:
This detail is very important for all domain names. As it is the actual current owner according to US Cyber laws. It is like you have given power of attorney to somebody.

Technical Contact:
This detail is the person who is technically responsible OR permission of the person is required to do any technical changes to the domain name. Without permission of the Technical owner you cannot change any thing in the website.

Billing Contact:
This detail is where you will get notification of the renewal & bill will be sent at this postal contact.
Last Update & expiry dates are also part of the domain control information. Normally registrar keeps domain with them up-to 2 months after expiry & after that releases again for sell to public.
Last details are of DNS record (i.e. Domain Name Server). Domain Name Server is the details where the site is hosted. (i.e. IP address of the server).
You can visit any accredited registrar site & click on who is link. Type your domain name & you will get information about the domain controls.